PitchCon Hollywood Player Pitch Contest 2013 Review

So I have been to the PitchCon Hollywood Player Pitch Contest 2013.
First: No I didn´t make it to the final four. But that´s ok because those four pitches were a… – wait for it – …mazing! Congrats to the winner Charla Young for her great pitch “Power to change” and also – of course – to all the runner ups!

What´s even more important for me:
Cara Dellaverson from Lionsgate (who was one of the judges for the final four) seems interested in “Vegas Chaos” and wants to know more about it. I also got a lot of amazing new contacts and feedback which will help me to make my pitch better for the Pitchfest 2013 in Burbank. All I got to get rid of now is my nervousness and practice, practice and practice.
Last but not least I had an interview with “Variety“.

In conclusion those two days were the best two days I had so far with my project and all that showed me that there´s hope.

I had to promise Angela Oberer and James Thompson not to give up. I won´t!

A big shout-out to NATPE and Mark and Jeanne Simon from SellYourTVConceptNow.com for producing the contest, creating a great environment and taking care of all 25 contestants. Thank you!

Vegas Chaos is a PitchCon 2013 Semi Finalist

Great news!!!!
“Vegas Chaos” is selected as a Semi-Finalist for the “PitchCon 2013 Hollywood Player Pitch Contest” in Los Angeles on May 9th, 2013. I will compete against 25 other TV shows and when it works out I might make it to the final round. The winner gets 5 meetings with high profile entertainment executives – for example from TheCW and Lionsgate.
Find out more about the Contest here: